Path of Strength

Crisis Hotline: 613-544-4229

As a leading, transformative and collaborative organization, AMHS-KFLA’s mission is to provide responsive, high-quality, community-based addiction and mental health services that empower the people it serves to be well and achieve their full potential.

A welcoming and inclusive organization, we cultivate relationships with all stakeholders that encourage and promote recovery and wellness. We are universally positive in all our actions with individuals served and the community.

We seek to innovate in all we do. We will be socially entrepreneurial and create a culture of measured risk to achieve organizational and system sustainability.

We strive to provide accessible, flexible, integrated services in safe welcoming
environments. We have a learning culture where initiative, innovation, and creativity are
highly valued. The foundation of our services rests on excellence in all that we do.

We will act honestly and with integrity by taking responsibility for our own actions and
by holding others responsible for theirs. We will ensure proper stewardship of the public
resources placed in our trust.